Guy i'm seeing keeps telling me that he needs me to get over him?

We met on tinder Aug 6th i think and we talked for a few days, held conversation. asked him if he close by to me at the time and he met up with me and we hung up for 7 hrs talking and exploring the town we were in , both the town well. We've hung out about 8 or 10 times, always together for at least 5 hrs usually longer. He likes physical touch just in general, we've cuddled for 2 or 3 hrs the last few times we've seen each other. at times we took it little too far but we both gave into each other, no i promise NOT sex. more like kissing and some other things. When we first started talking he i thought wanted a long term relationship, but now since we both started college back up, he keeps telling me "i'm trying to be good (not go too far/do anything to intimate)" and "you going to have to get over me", and "you need to protect your heart". i have met his parents and they're super nice as well as his brother and a couple of his friends. I can handle sort of being just friends with him but it pains me more and more everytime i leave him after hanging out. He is possibly moving at the end of the year once he finishes last 3 classes to get a job that's either 2 or 5 hrs away. At this point i'm not sure what to do if continue hanging out with him or not?


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  • hang out with him for a while longer see if it is actually worth it. maybe you're just in love with the friendship