What is the funniest thing ever happened to you?

The funniest thing ever happened to me is that today morning I was about to order pizza and instead of calling them I called the Samsung's Customer Care!!! That happened to me because my touchscreen isn't working properly... I am still laughing on myself... What's the funniest thing ever happened to you and you laughed a lot at yourself?


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  • I was taking this guys order and he told me to just order him something new and I asked him if he was allergic to anything or didn't like certain things in particular. His response was "nope, I just don't like purple food, it pisses me off"
    Like whaaaaaattt? LOL


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  • Hmmm I guess when I was in class and doing drills with a guy and this happens a lot between us but we actually try to hit each other randomly at times to keep the other person on their toes well it turned into a brawl. And I decided to take him down a notch so I took him down and put him in a choke hold with my legs until he admitted defeat or he passed out whichever comes first, he admitted defeat so I let him go.

    Just a funny little thing that always cracks me up when it happens.


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  • Ohh I rememebr that day when My older brother Gave me loads of viagra in my breakfast /n I went to school with a massive hard boner for like 6 hours N everyone was staring at me N it wasn't really awkwards but i gotta admit it was funny I'm just glad I have a size all girls like...

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