Is that actually bad 😕?

I am buff and I worked really hard to get that body but not to impress someone I did it for myself but I don't wear tight shirts or take pics of it I say that's the right thing I don't like to show it off like I brag about it I feel like douche people tell me that I should show it is that right 😕?


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  • Only betas call you a douche/asshole so don't worry about it man, and it shows you got dedication and patience


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  • No, you are doing the right thing but not bragging about it. ☺
    It's just plain stupid to brag about it and show it off. 😕

    • Yes finally someone agrees with me , some people actually don't notice that I am buff 😂😂

    • It's important how you feel, not for other people to see how much "value" (as douchebag level) you have. 😂 :v

    • 😂😂😂

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