What small change can you do to make the world that you live in better?


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  • I think the problem here lies within many people's lack of wisdom today. I often think that as we've excelled in knowledge, our wisdom has plummeted (though i am not generalising). I do think therefore that our government (speaking from the UK here) needs to be incredibly wise and stop this rapid progression we seem to be in. With every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and unfortunately it seems that with many actions man takes, the environment feels the reaction directly (which, in turn, means that we too feel the reaction-global warming, etc.)

    In a sense, I think the government need to start slowing down. Stop this sprinting to an unclear goal and, I suppose, start to regress. We have the knowledge, now let's bring back our wisdom. For example, small changes, such as removing escalators from shops. You may laugh, however think about it; I am not suggesting removing lifts, as otherwise those less able to walk wouldn't have the freedom to go where others can. However removing escalators will not only 1. reduce the amount of electricity being used 2. save the retailers money but will 3. Help towards a massive problem of obesity here in the UK (as well as in America). Yes, it's only getting rid of escalators, but the energy we use to spend actually (god forbid) walking counts. Now i'm only taking the obesity crises as an example, but it's a huge cost for our healthcare system (the NHS in the UK)

    As i said, we need to take small, wise changes that will actually do a lot of good. As before: Reducing escalators = less electricity used = using more energy walking to increase our fitness

    (Also i hope no one focuses solely on my escalator idea, as i don't think it will change the world. My focus is, as i said, small and wise changes enforced by the government.)


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  • dont discriminate against ANYONE,
    have morals,
    have standards,
    strive for peace,
    and smile more.

  • i think that if there would be less ignorance things would be alright

  • People may forget what you said to them, or forget what you did for them, but they will never forget how you made them feel. So i try
    offering someone the hand of friendship when they have no one to talk to, or if they just need a listening ear to offload.

    Some people feel very alone and need someone who can relate to how they are feeling. They don't always need you to resolve their problems, they just need someone to show they care by listening and empathizing with them. This may just give them the strength they need to get through another day.


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