What do you think of this video of a Texas Judge beating his daughter with a belt as discipline in his own vision?

Here's a video that was recorded 11 years ago.

  • This is a disgusting thing that they would do as parents.
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  • They're just giving her a more tough discipline which is called "child abuse" these days.
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  • Okay she's a 16 year old, of course she's going to be lippy & test her parents. All fucking beating her is going to do is cause resentment. I know if my parents did that to me I would definitely not have a good relationship with them.


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  • This was very hard to watch. I'm thinking of a lot of things I would love to do to this "father" (doesn't even deserve this title in my opinion) but I will keep them to myself. And the mother... just standing by and letting her husband beat her own daughter although she can hear that the daughter is extremely scared and the pain must be very intense telling from the screams... what a disgrace. I guess this is what American (or at least southern US) "justice" is like. It makes me understand why so many people in America support the death penalty or think it's okay that the Bush administration was torturing people. For some reason there seems to exist this incredibly barbaric and uncivilized notion in the US that you can just punish people in a really severe/inhumane way and everything's gonna be juuust fine. People don't even seem to be interested in talking things over or - in the case of real criminals - trying to give them opportunities and make a life change. They just put you in prison for 60 years or beat the crap out of you and believe that now the world has become a better place.

    If I was this girl, I would most likely do either of two things: Commit suicide or run away. I would love to see the agony of her parents if she had killed herself but then again, they're not even worth such a deed. If I was this girl's neighbor, I would go to the police with her and after that find a way so she can live somewhere else. I would even let her live at my and my girlfriend's place rather than her having to go through such a thing again.

    • Not only did the mother just stood there. She participated in the beating with the father by whipping her once with the belt.

    • Yes, you're right. Though I think in this case the standing by and watching part is even worse. Mothers are typically those people who will always defend their children. In wildlife, mothers even sacrifice themselves for their offspring's lives sometimes. A mother is to her children what a spacesuit is to an astronaut or what rain is to a plant in the desert; she's the ultimate personification of trust, unconditional love and protection. And this is another reason why I got extremely angry when watching this video. These parents didn't just hurt their daughter physically, but they fucked her up for the rest of her life (emotionally and mentally). How can you ever love somebody with all of your heart if all that you were given as a child is violence and hatred? And how can you ever trust anyone again (a boyfriend, a friend, a teacher, a stranger) if even your mother, the one person that should defend you until her death, just stands by as you get violently abused?

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  • It's one bloke in a species numbering over seven billion across the ocean in god knows where. I'm not too bothered.

  • they are disciplining, but they went a to far

  • What he did really was abuse. I believe children should be disciplined, but he is a maniac. Read the entire story.

    • Yeah. From what I've heard about this Texas Judge (the father) in other stories, he'd also call his daughter very hurtful names just for having cerebral palsy.

    • Physical "discipline" is NEVER appropriate. There is no single issue/problem that cannot solved by parents in a better, more humane, more social, more educating and most of all, more caring/loving way. My brother was also a very difficult teen and my parents never raised a hand or acted violently in any other way. Beating your children only shows that you're too bad/stupid/incapable as a parent to handle things differently.