Dating guys that are more into you than you're into them? bad idea?

so im currently talking to this guy on a dating app, very short described he looks like that sweet, nerdy guy who always get friendzoned lol.

He obviously find me attractive, and he's isn't unattractive, but looks aren't everything, and if he asks me out im going to go.. But im a bit uncomfortable with the idea that he find me more attractive then i find him.. I feel like there won't be a equal balance between us, in the past that has lead me to not make an effort..

So whats your idea about guys like this? is it a bad idea?


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  • This might sound cruel, but a study showed that most lasting relationships had partners who were of equal attraction.

    The whole "friendzoned" thing kinda bugs me. Guys are a bit more obsessive over girls than girls over guys. A lot of us feel like we HAVE to have a girlfriend (preferably a good looking one) to be whole. As a result, we can easily develop one-way feelings for an attractive girl who just sees us as a friend.

    "Friendzoned"? What's the matter about someone not wanting you romantically? Guys who use that word tend to seek a girl for happiness, rather than focusing on their own lives. You shouldn't need a relationship to make you happy, and people who think they do still need to mature a bit. I used to be that way, and I'm a much better person now that I'm not.

    Give him a shot if you think he's worth it. But keep in mind, he's probably MUCH more hopeful about your meeting than you are.


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  • Yes. That's like using a guy to me. He deserves to have someone who is into him like he is into her. You wouldn't like that to be done to you would you?

    • how am i "doing" anything to him? i tend to find people more or less attractive when i get to know them, so im want to get to know him and see how it goes

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    • im talking about one or two dates.. im sure no one will fall for me within meeting me twice

    • You never know and I no longer care. You do what you want to do/

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  • I don't see why this is a bad idea. Go ahead, good luck! :)

    • unless he's only after talking to me, it doesn't seem like he going to ask me out... So should i just suggest it? i hate having long convos online.. because then its nothing to talk about on the date.. if there is going to be any.. Any advice?

    • Yeah, do suggest it. Maybe he is too shy, or perhaps scared of rejection.

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