Why can't we live life to the max?

I mean yea I'm alive and that's great but I just realized I will almost never get to enjoy life to the max or do things I wanted to do as a kid

i will never drive a ferrari
i will never fly a plane
i will never own a mansion
i will never have more than 150k in cash

at best when I'm like 35

ill drive a sh^tty Mercedes from like 2006 lmfao
ill go to Disney world with the family every 10 years in a plane
ill have a 2 story house at best
ill make at most 65k a year

it sucks being lower class


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  • I'll never go to mars or meet a real dragon, move on.

    • those are unrealistic even if you were rich

      I have absolutely no chance of doing any if my dreams

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    • and I'm also at a disadvantage...

    • So are plenty others too.

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  • You should take your enjoyment not in materialism. Because even if you are a millionair you will still be disapointed if you think that way.

    You will than say I will never get that island or that ship I wanted.

    Take enjoyment in something you love. For me it is my family and friends.

    • I don't want to be a millionaire, I just want to not be lower class

      at best I'll be middle class when I'm 35

      and I doubt my parents will be alive to show them love and I can see the relationship between my brothers and sister fading. I already haven't talked to friends since high school either

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    • oh please that's exactly what people see each other as. I'm just a lower class guy who would be lucky to be alive 500 years ago

    • So is the majority of the population on earth. Be happy to be the majority. (Think positive)

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