My boyfriend left and now he wants me back? help?

Okay so he traveled 3 months ago and he came back 5 minutes ago and messaged me. he said "hi" i said "What."
him: ...
me: you should move on from me.
him: but.. i want my baby back...
me: no you don't
him: you do.
me: i'm not who i was before
him:i can adapt.
him: . i have to go now, i missed you a lot and idc if you lost all feelings for me because i kept mine hidden well.
me: alright bye.

he's like fighting for me. he's trying so hard to get me back and i dunno anymore. It's making me angry and sad. I can't give him anymore chances. He left for like 3 fricking months and now he's back. what?


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  • Two things about this:
    1. Don't say stuff like "no you don't". Believe me, my mom is a therapist and this is a very bad way of communicating with each other. Don't make assumptions or state how your (ex-) boyfriend is feeling. If he tells you that he wants you back, then that is how he feels. You can find this cute or stupid but don't correct him about how he is feeling. This usually comes across as very self-rightous and makes for a very bad atmosphere to have constructive talk.
    2. I don't quite see the problem of him travelling to be honest. Did he actually break up with you or did he just go travelling? My girlfriend and me had a long-distance relationship for a whole year with about 7,000 miles in between. Last summer I went travelling with my best guy friend for almost 1,5 months and left her at home. This summer, my girlfriend went travelling for 1 month without me because I didn't have enough money to join her. Just because you go travelling without your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't necessarily mean you don't love them. It can also simply mean that you want to spend some time without them or with someone else (like when I went travelling with my guy friend) or that you need to sort out some things for yourself. It's not something that you should be offended by or take as a sign that he might not love you.

    • yes he broke up with me, but he wants me back. He treats me like sh! t and everyone wants us to break up. But i can't break up. It's extremely hard. please help.

    • Why can you not break up? Or wait... you're not together anymore since he broke up with you. So maybe more appropriately, why do you not want him back? How exactly does he treat you "like shit"? And why is it a problem that you don't want him back? I don't mean to be rude but I don't quite get it. If you don't want to be together with him anymore, then just let it be. Find someone new. He can't force you to be with him.

  • Why did he travel for such a long period of time? Was the travel planned before you were together? Did you know he was preparing to travel, then surprised when he actually followed through with it? Or, was it just out of the blue like he was running away from you, or something else?

    In any case, if you're not interested, just ended it there. No need to respond to anymore of his messages. If you want to work it out, stop deflecting him and telling him how he feels. Tell him how you feel about what happened. The feelings you are experiencing are normal for someone who feels abandoned.


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