Why are things censored on here?

I asked a question on here a while ago, and I was wondering why we can't openly talk about sexual crimes, the ultimate issue is to stop those crimes from the very get go, and how to cope with those, or how someone falsely accuses you of a serious crime. But for whatever reason there seems to be a censor about what we can and can't talk about on this website. Feel free to express your opinions in a respectful manner and please let have a positive debate about what we can do to help people realize what we can do to make better decisions.


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  • Because we're only allowed to say PC stuff on here.

    • I also wonder if thats true too?

    • I actually think it's true.

    • No I totally agree, I mean some people can post very sexual stuff on here and it won't be taken down, but yet some of the things that u wouldn't think of being wrong to ask are taken down, it makes no sense tbh.

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  • See https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq, under "What are the rules for posting on Girls Ask Guys?" It also has a link for asking G@G why it was removed. Questions are removed by being flagged and then reviewed by an admin who has the final decision. Other forum websites might allow it. Also, don't be surprised if this gets flagged too, since questions about why a question was blocked are not allowed.

    If you ask me, it sounds like your post would be on the border line between what's acceptable and what's not. Maybe parts of it were too graphic, or it should have been in a sexuality category.

  • Because innocent kids use this site as well

    • ok but we can talk about sex and even fetishes on this site - which I don't think innocent kids should be reading either, but why can't we talk about sex crimes and or how to prevent them, and or women or men who use false allegations as a leverage against the other person.