What do you say to someone on the anniversary of their fathers death?

So, this girl who is (more than) a friend, as we are getting closer (like we haven't gone on our first date yet.) Recently she opened up to me about the loss of her father 10 years ago, since I won't see them on the day, should I text her something or just leave her alone? I wanted to show that I remember and that I care but I dont want to bother her or seem like im trying too hard. I dont know what i should say through text being that we are close friends yet. What should I do?


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  • It would be best to be casual with her even on that day. Just text her something, but try to avoid references to her dad.

    • so just saying something like "hey I was thinking about you, hope your feeling better" be good or is the thinking about you part too direct?

    • No, instead of that, say something like "Was thinking about you, hope you're doing well".

  • Just send her a text saying you are thinking of her because she is probably feeling a bit sad around this time.