What's the difference between liking a girl and fancying her?

Yesterday I was out with my friend and the girl I like best friend.

She me asked me if I still like Amy, but I said well a little bit and my mate turned around and said I don't like her but instead just fancy her. And she asked isn't it because she gave me a pen which is not true as I've liked her before she gave me a pen.

Can you guys explain the difference?


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  • To "Like" someone is to be committed with your feelings of that person. You want them, and will probably act on it.

    "Fancy", here, means that you like parts of that person. You may be attracted to her, or impressed by her, but not enough to intend on something to happen or to do something about it.

  • To me "liking" is crush level and you really want to date her.
    "Fancying" is being attracted to - For example shop assistant in local shop, you think she is gorgeous but you are not thinking of doing anything about it.

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