If you had a roommate, how long would you have a visitor stay with you (say family, close friend, SO) before you would consider yourself rude?

  • Only 1-2 nights
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  • Up to a week
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  • A few weeks
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  • A month
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  • 2+ months
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  • As long as I want if my roommate hasn't complained yet
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What Guys Said 1

  • I would say A - A night or two


What Girls Said 1

  • If we shared a room? A weekend. And I'd clear it with her, first. If she could find another room to sleep in (friend's couch, etc.) or was okay with us there then I'd go with it. If she said she was uncomfortable then I would cancel the visit.

    Thankfully I always had my own room so if I wanted to, I could have whoever I wanted over whenever.

    This year a friend and I share a townhouse. We each have our own room, but the longest I'd let someone stay would be a weekend. It'd be weird with class and everything for them to stay longer.