Isit ok to take neighbors cat and give it to better family?

Ok. My neighbor is neglecting their kitten, the cats always at mine, (even now, he's loteraly been living with us for about a month) his always hungry i always feed him his about 4 months max, it was pouring in rain 2 days ago this cat was out so i took him in, I've never heard her call the cat in for food its literaly being neglected, i can't even leave my back door open cause he just helps him self in and sleeps , and i can't touch him i let him i feel bad. So anyways she's neglecting her cat, i tried talking to her and she just didn't seem to care, she didn't even get the cat frm me no thank you nothing her amrs wre crossed and just listened -_- i didn't know what to do. I can't be bothered with her anymore and i dont like how she's treating the poor little thing, so im thinking to give him away to a better family? I know what im doind is right but i think i need to make sure this is the only way?


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  • Couldn't she get in trouble with the law for animal cruelty?

    Also go for it. Screw her if she bitches about you giving the cat a better home. She's horrible and the kitteh deserves a more loving family.

    • I dno probably but tbh when rspca what not comes over she will know its me and i just can't be bothered with her she's arragont il be the same like i said cbb with her so id just do it secretly

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  • I would.
    I definitely would

  • yeah just give it away but ask your parents first because they might know better. if they say yes and they are ok with you "stealing " your neighbors cat then go ahead give that kitten a nice and caring family that you know it deserves

    • Loool im 22 :D no need to ask and my dad xouldnt care less with what i do.. i done this before to a guy who use to beat his pup and lock him away :D so i stole it and gave it to a better family :D

    • well then ok do that ha ha

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