Guys, how would you respond to this?

My boyfriend John has been rude lately. All my bffs say I should give him the 3 day treatment. That is when you don't talk to him for three days and see how he responds. I want to do more than three days. a week. After the week I'm going to tell him my laptop has a virus that crashed it and I didn't get it to go get it fixed untill this weekend work has been busy lately. How do you think he will respond and if he finds out I lie how you would react? We don't know eachother outside of twitter he lives in the UK and I live in Michigan.

How would you react if you found out your girl did this to you?


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  • tell your boyfriend he's being a rude ass and just dont talk to him till he shapes up dont waste time with games like this

    • i mean seriously... live your life there will be LOTS of guys waiting to fill the spot, better than him too

    • When I tell him he is being rude he says he has to go or just won't answer me.

    • he's not worth your affection if he thinks its ok to treat you like that, a lot of guys think its normal or macho or just ok to do that, its not

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  • You don't have a boyfriend, you have a pen pal.

    LDRs don't work. Learn that lesson well and don't settle for one again.

    • yeah no more ldrs for me

  • LOL You are claiming a guy to be your boyfriend that doesn't even live in the same country as you and you've never even met him? LOL

    Now, I don't condone rudeness. But if you ask me, you'd be stooping down to his level by ignoring him. You should talk to him. If he won't listen, then don't talk to him anymore. "Break it off" with him. LOL

  • You don't know him physically, unless i'm misinterpreting what you said and 2nd the 3 day treatment doesn't have any long term effects it'll only stop him for a few days just ask him if anything is going bad for him in life for all you know one of his relatives (someone close) could have died if you go ahead and treat him that way its just self absorbed you need to confront him. p. s the UK is a very depressing place so don't blame him unless he actually is intentionally being rude directly to you.

    • I did ask him if something was wrong and he said no and I asked why he's being rude and he said because I am annoying and I didn't do anything to annoy him. He says I message him too much but I don't message him any more than before he's never complained until now. And if he's so annoyed with me meassge him than this week will be like a brake from me for him.

    • yes, ask him whether he needs space some guys, but if he finds you somehow still annoying then yes just dump his ass on the side walk he will be one of those impatient assholes :)

    • *some guys do need space sometimes.

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