Does anyone else new hate the fact you can't send a message to someone until you're level 2?

Such a pain when I just want to try and talk to people and it takes forever to get to a level!


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  • I was once new and tried to do that and couldn't but it didn't get on my nerves because this rule is there for a reason. Try not to be selfish and put yourself in an admin shoe. How would you want to protect other users from spammers and aggressors who go on their ways to make fake accounts and insult other people especially haters? Try to think twice before you decide you hate something.


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  • No... I would rather not receive PMs ever, really.


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  • That's always been the case and it prevents spams and perverts from simply creating new accounts from sending unwanted and inappropriate messages

    • That's true, I guess it does eliminate the ransoms who sang to just spam people!

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