Do guys understand why us girls war makeup?


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  • Honestly, I don't. I really don't understand why girls wear make-up.
    Girls usually say either of two things: "I wear it for the guys" or "I wear it because I feel insecure without it". Personally, I think both arguments are pretty stupid. For starters, why would anyone wear something simply to please other people? For example I dress very differently than what's considered attractive in my country. I have a very American, casual style of dressing which I've adopted when I lived in the US for some time. In my country Switzerland, this is considered kind of "cheap". European girls like guy who dress up a bit, sort of formally if you know what I mean. However, I would never do it. I don't care whether the girls like it or not. I've always been wearing shorts and t-shirts and I'm not gonna change that simply because the girl don't find it attractive. So I also don't understand why any girl would force herself to wear make-up simply to adhere to social expectations. Unfortunately, most are very insecure about these things and too shy to go against what's considered "decent" or "appropriate" in their respective culture. As for the second argument, I don't even know where to begin. I think it's extremely sad (almost pathological) if somebody feels insecure if she can't smear some color in her face. It makes me feel like these girls are trying to hide themselves behind the make-up, which basically means they feel ashamed for themselves... without any good reason.

    Personally, I've looked for a long time to find a girl who doesn't wear make-up because I prefer the natural look. And luckily, I've found such a girl (and in fact, many women in my family such as my mom or my cousins also don't wear any make-up.)

    • Sprichst du deutsch? Or do you live in the French part of switzerland?

      All I can say is that I started out wearing makeup so that I can hide my flaws and accentuate my other okay-ish features. Also, I think I look stupid (literally) with out certain makeup applied, so I accentuated this part of my face by makeup with hopes that people would respect me more, because I look more... competent.

      Now, I wear makeup because sometimes it's fun (it's like playing dress up, and you know little girls like to play dress up lol). And because I want to look well put together, be the best Version of me, look like a woman ready to face the day. Not like a woman who'd just jumped out of bed.

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    • Lol wut? Northrhine-westfalia was what I wanted to say. Stupid autocorrect

    • @bubble_tea Z├╝rich?

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  • Yes, of course they do. They rather pretend they don't though.


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  • You do it for yourselves yeah we get it.


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