GAGers: If you could throw any kind of birthday party for yourself, how would the party be?

Assuming you have the money to do so:

*What kind of party would it be? (Normal party, laser tag, bowling, scavenger hunt, etc.)
How many people would you invite to your party?
*Where would you have the party? (Your house, the beach, a club, etc.)
*Would your party have a certain theme? If so, what would the theme be?
*What kind of cake would you want?
How long would you have the party for?
*What kind of food would you have catered to your party?

* = Include pics

As for the poll, what month is your birthday in?

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Dammit, I forgot to say what I would have for my party -_-

- I would throw a superhero themed party and everyone would have to dress up as superheroes, with the exception of Batman because only I will be allowed to be Batman. :P
- I would have it at a club and I'd have the club decorated to look like the Batcave 8)
- I would invite my family and like a hundred people
- I would have a huge vanilla Batman cake
- I would have pizza, burgers, chips, etc. as well as Puerto Rican food too c:


Most Helpful Girl

  • I was born in April :)

    I'd throw a lasertag party. I've been to similar things about a year ago just for a day out and I had a laser tag birthday party when I was like 10, and it's so much fun! <3

    I'd invite my boyfriend and his brother, our best friend and her sister, and a few other friends, maybe like 15 people max.

    Everyone has to wear a themed costume, yes, that's a great idea! I think the theme should be... Maybe a Star Trek themed, I feel like that goes well with running around with laser guns :P I could run around screaming at them to set their phasers to kill!

    I'd want like the biggest chocolate cake ever. Three layers :P Or at least three flavours, white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

    The party would just be the day, but we could go out for a meal after the games are over, and maybe I can invite my family to that and make it a smaller and more intimate evening.

    I'd probably go out for Indian in the evening and make a quick stop somewhere like KFC just after the game was finished.</a>

    • Woah :o

      Any chance I could get invited? xD

    • The more the merrier! :) Yours sounds pretty awesome too. I'd probably dress up as Cassandra Lang <3

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  • Oh my birthday is in October. I'd spend it on a secluded beach in the maldives with my best friend and amazing food. I don't like big parties, and I don't likebeing the center of attention.


What Guys Said 1

  • Mines in February. and I would want to do a 90's themed party because the 90's were a awesome time to be born and grow up! so we would have 90's foods and kids stuff. Watch old 90's tv shows and cartoons, have a Rugrats cake lol that was my fave back in the day.