Is this a creepy dream or what?

Last night I was sleeping without a shirt on, so I was kind of cold.

In the dream, my mom and I were in the living room. There were some clothes folded up on the chair.

Then, when her back was turned, the clothes moved from one chair to another by themselves.

I told her, the clothes, they just...

Then she said, sometimes they move by themselves.

Then, we stood next to each other and looked in the mirror. Our reflections were all distorted. Then she said "that's not good".

Then it got really cold, and I woke up.


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  • You could have a piece of a really cool new movie here!

    Dreams are just the brain's way of sorting out things. It is just a dream. If this one seems creepy to you then be thankful you rarely remember most of your dreams. Most dreams that are remembered are what we were dreaming just before we woke up.

  • I suppose it is creepy to some extent. I have seen worst.

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