I need to hide bruises help?

I have bruises on my i need to hid I tried make up but it doesn't work how else can I do it help please they are under my eyes on my nose and upper lip


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  • Concealer is really ur only option... lots of it.

    • I'll try that thank you

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  • Try a hijab or veil or something?

    • Um thats going to be obvious I'm a white girl no one will buy that

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    • No I didn't cheat he asked for sex I already let him I said no wel can tonight he just hit me wasn't soft either I felt dizzy and fell to the ground

    • I don't judge you but it is so much wrong for people to get into others pants all the time. I think you should talk to your brother. And it will be okay for you too. And I think you try the veil.

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