How do I deal with my dad who's personality is completely different from me?

I'm a peaceful person, and though I sometimes get stressed such as from school, I don't let that affect me too much to the point where I'm making everyone around me stressed as well. My dad's the total opposite. He gets stressed about Everything every time. He complains about the smallest things. Like he can't seem to be calm ever. When he's driving, he's angry at other drivers, when he's home, he's angry that the house is too warm even though it feels normal for the rest of us. He complains about everything and he knows that that bothers us because his friends have joked about how much he complains and I have told him to calm down several times. He makes me feel like it's the end of the world and I feel like the way he lets everything get to him is affecting me in the sense that now I'm starting to feel anxious about things I wasn't anxious about. And I just dont want to talk to him much anymore because he's always yelling and fighting about every small thing. What should I do? I love my dad, but I really dont like how he's complaining about everything. And I think it's his complaining that's making my other siblings distance from both our parents even though my mom's not like him at all.


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  • Honestly, you should begin making plans to move out. Short of that you could try showing him this question and see how he responds. You're not likely to see him change unless he can trace his moods to a particular stressor or a particular medication.

    • I love my dad and I know he loves us. Moving out would be like running away from family issues

    • True that. But staying at home expecting him to change is unhealthy for you (as you can do nothing to change him) and ultimately destructive to your relationship with him. Whether he loves you or not is irrelevant. . . he's choosing to disrupt the peace you once knew at home. You'll appreciate him more from a distance.

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