Which School system would you prefer the UKs or the US?

UK system

Nursary/ Kindergarten

Primary school/ Elementary

Yr 1 (age-5)

Yr 2

Yr 3

Yr 4

Yr 5

Yr 6 ( Age-11)

Secondary school/ High school

Yr 7 (Age-12)

Yr 8

Yr 9

Yr 10

Yr 11 (Age-16)

Sixth form/ College (17-18)

Yr 12

Yr 13

University (18+)

(Grades are equivalent to Years)

We dont have junior high or middle here. We go straight to secondary. And after secondary we go to sixth form for 2 years before uni. Which system would u prefer? Having middle school and no sixth form or vice versa? We dont call uni college because college is something else here. Personally I prefer our system because there is less change early on which was better because I was a shy kid so in the US I wouldn't cope with moving through elementary/middle and high school in quick succession but as I aged I can better deal with it. Grades are equivalent to Years.


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  • I don't see that much of a difference other than you don't change buildings?

    In America we say college I guess because it's 2 syllables versus 5. But we do know the difference between university and college. Colleges are within the university; i. e. college of Life Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts... etc.
    But the official name of two-year universities is: Community College. It's different because professors there aren't required to perform research/get published. Also, most universities require that the professor have a PhD in their subject, whereas at community college it's typically not a requirement.


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  • There is even less change in Ireland - Secondary lasts from 12 to 18 ( no college ) - Third level is next step.


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  • I prefer the UK system


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