NBS: caused from pain killers?

Narcotic bowel syndrome:

My husband has been on pain meds for over 10 years for nerve damage to his breakial plexis.

He is prescribed, one every 6 hours. He takes 3 pills every hour.
100 pills will last 4 or 5 days. When he is out of pain meds for a period of 24 hours, the sickness begins.. Vomiting, stomach pain, cold sweats.

We always end up in the emergency room for this, and they have now labeled him as " a drug seeker "

I'm on a low dose of pain medication for cancer and have trouble hiding my prescription from him. When his are gone, he gobbles down all of mine and I have to wait 3 weeks to refill them. I now leave them at the pharmacy and drive there when I need to take one for the pain.

I'm starting to think that, he has taken so many pills for so many years, it has now caused this NBS and he needs more and more pain medication, because of the pain medication.

His behavior has become more and more crazy. He spends thousands a dollars a month at the bars and I just found out, that he is buying street drugs on top of the ones he is prescribed from his doctor.

He got a dui and lost his license and can't register his vehicle, but is still driving himself to a bar every night.

When I talk to him about maybe having a drug problem and helping him though it, he became violent. I called his doctor and explained my concern about seeking treatment for pain management, he told his doctor that I was mistaken and he only took what was prescribed. He was so angry with me for calling his doctor, he pissed on everything inside the refrigerator and on all the clothes in my closet. My normal time is when he leaves for the bar every night. He doesn't always remember every thing he did the night before and I don't ever bring it up anymore, for my own safety.

I don't blame him for the drugs he is addicted to.. I blame the doctors.

Can bipolar disorder develop from the addiction to pain medication?


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  • I would tell him the hard truth that your going to leave him if he can't get his shit together there's no other option other than to give him the ultimatum. Ether he gets clean and learns to deal with the pain and the need for the pain killers or he looses you cause if you dont leave he may end up hurting you more than just pyschologically. If he swears to stop buying street drugs and try to stop using and drinking all together or else some things going to happen that neither of you two can fix. If he's willing to stop using you will be there for him. If he says he won't have someone with police ready to escort you to another place cause it sounds like it can easily get out hand.

    I've lost friends to drugs and alcohol at 14 years old you have to give them the chance and no matter what answer you have to live up to the bad option if they choose it. And dont blame the doctors, doctors are there to try to lessen the pain and addiction they dont know a "wonder drug". The prescribe meds to lessen the pain or infection not fully fix it there's no way to know how someones going to react to any drug everyone is a "lab rat" literally the only way to know what a drug is going to do is risk taking it.

    I've lost 2 out of my three ex's to painkillers and alcohol so i know what it means to be connected to someone on pain killers for their entire life.

    • Thank you...
      As you know, the feeling of being in this alone is extremely overwhelming and exhausting, it's a rollercoaster of emotional fear and loyalty..
      I wish he could see himself, the way I see him for one day, in hopes that would awaken him.
      I just keep reminding myself that it's not him being mentally and physically abusing, it's the illness from the drugs.
      I just hope we can find forgiveness in all this..
      I'm trying to educate myself in this area of addiction and mental illness as much as possible, in hopes that I will be able to give him every opportunity to lead a drug free and pain free life.

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    • If he wants to live pain free he's going to have to live with the chronic pain he knows he's got a narcotic issue. Why is he drinking let alone taking painkillers. Pain killers are generally a mixture to temporarily shut off the pain receptors. mixing them with alcohol can result in modifying them to be more like hallucinogens. And worse depending on how strong and what part of the body they are for. there's actually a reason why on the bottles they say dont mix with alcohol they arnt kidding about unknown side effects.

    • I'm not sure if the pot has anything to do with it either.
      The second he wakes up, he is smoking pot from a little pipe. It wakes me up, because the smell of it, makes me sick.
      I'm not sure the amount that is in the baggies, but he spend 60 dollars on it about every 3 days..
      I stayed at a hotel last night and will probably do the same thing tonight..

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