Do you believe when our loved ones die, they let us know?

Personally, I don't believe in ghosts but my mother does. This story goes way back to 1999.

At the time I was awaken by my mother very early in the morning. She asked if I heard bells ringing and some type of wind or something. I said no and headed back to sleep; I didn't hear nor felt anything. I obviously had no idea what she was talking about.

Anyways my mother left to work earlier than usual and when I woke up later, there was a call from my maternal grandmother informing us that her father (my mother's grandfather, whom was like a father to her) just passed away. It was not until my mother passed her driving test that she got the news. Till this day, she claims she was the only one awaken by ringing bells, felt a presence and believes it was her grandfather's way of letting her know he was saying bye.

Personally, I never had any of that happening to me. But yeah according to her that's the only time she ever felt his presence.


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  • A few years ago I discovered that I was seeing the same sequence of numbers daily, sometimes hourly. i was constantly seeing the number 420 everywhere. A whole year of this daily event went by and I would giggle and point and say " ha ha ha 420 "
    My daughter pointed out that it was probably a sign from my son, who had lost his life in a tragic car accident... he was trying to tell me something special.

    My mother, who was also my best friend suffered a massive stroke on April 6th and the doctors informed me that she would most likely not make ir through the night... A few days passed and she was released from the hospital and i took her home to take care of her. We spent hours and hours together, night and day.. I slept on the floor next to her bed, incase she needed me. We had the most beautiful talks a mother and daughter could ever have on April 20th she had another massive stroke and i held her tight as she died in my arms..
    I became fully aware of why i had been seeing the numbers 420 for that whole entire year before she passed away.. I thank my 420 Angel for giving me that extra special time with her..


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  • Whenever people tell me stories about how "they saw a sign from a dead relative" I'm just like yeah ok it's probably something normal that just seems like it's from a ghost because you have them fresh in your mind. I definitely believe in coincidences.

  • Yes I think so!