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I've been having A LOT of dreams this summer about a guy I used to like a few months ago until we ended up in a fight even before we started dating. I only used to talk to him on social media though we never met in person. I looked at him a lot too. We used to talk in a romantic way. but the thing is that suddenly I started having dreams of him in which he tries to approach me I kiss him on his face except for his lips and hug him. but now he's gone he graduated and I might never see him again. so I don't wanna feel this way about him. I stopped thinking about him but then these dreams came along and made me sad and miss him. all the feelings I had for him started coming back but I'm pushing them away. What does it all mean? What should I do?


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  • Are the dreams really sexual or just kissing and hugging

    • Just kissing and hugging not more than that I don't know why

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    • Exactly my point u repressed ur desires for him so now ur subconscious is expressing those desires in dreams

    • Just take a moment to fantasize about him when u masturbate and it will probably help

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