Guys, my boyfriend has tinder.. Says he is using it to only like girls pics... Wen he is bored.. Is this bullshit or true?

He already has instagram n facebook... isn't that gud enuff... Told me he is not deleting the app... His friend installed the app for him... Do u think its true... what he says. Showed me no matches nor messages. Said he got the app 2 weeks ago.


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  • B. U. L. L. S. H. I. T

    • But he showed me no matches or messages.. To them... So mayb its true just liking their pics

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    • He ouldnt have wanted you to know

    • Meaning?

  • Lol, that's bullshit.

    That's the MO of the modern day, deary--relationships don't last, so you always have to be on the lookout for an upgrade.

    • But he showed me no matches or messages from people. So could it b true he is just liking their pics