70 YEAR anniversary of the end of the war against Japan and thus WW2.. Should the United States have focus on Japan first? instead of Europe?

DOnt you think the united states should have focused first on the pacific than europe?
THe only logic behind Europe first was the superior military and industrial power of the Germans. But those nations conquered by the japanese suffered way more.

The Japanese were savage and ruthless. They beat beheaded and tortured pow's, and were more brutal than the germans, even in the eastern front.
I heard of many stories from guadalcanal to Okinawa that japs mutilated captured yanks wehter dead or alive. It was not uncommon to find yank troops with their limbs cut off and dicks in their mouths, and if you watch documentaries such as. the lost evidence ww2, or Victory in hte pacific. the military was extremly fanatic asto encurage dead before surrender. Needless to say the attack on pearl harbour.
But there are other reasons, the soviet union wanst even a close politicall ally of the west.

Had the united statesnot only focused first on or almost exclusevely on Japan, and use all or most of its leand lease supplies in the far east, casualties would have been reduced. The jap merchant fleet was largely underprotected so It ould have been almost completley crippled. millions of troops used in Normandy south of france and Italy would have been instead boosted The philipines and okinawa, and reduced the resources available to Japan by invading and liberating most of indonesia, and even China.
The Japs almost always faced superior forces. With even more power the japs suicidal fanaticism could have been really weekend. Japan could have been isolated and crippled by the blockade and pushed to surrender in 1944 without an invasion. and last but not least the actual bomb tonnage dropped in Europe was like 10 times that dropped on Japan, and the damage was comparable. Could you imagine dropping all those bombs combined on Japan alone.

What are your thoughts?

Also those who said that we had to help the russians, and the British
1) Britain wasn't at risk of being invaded after the German air force lost the battle of Britan.
2) Continuing the war with Germany on the part of the British was an obsession of Churchill. Hitler offered peace to England.
3) The soviet union was also an aggressor, recall they invaded Finland in 1939 and launched their own invasion of Poland
4) As I said japs were more ruthless and a direct threat to the U. S. Even after V
Eve n after VE, redeployment would have been a huge logistical challenge, and hte public would be more war wary.


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  • I find it amusing when Americans try to talk about ruthlessness and savagery, when they have Heroshima and Nagasaki, My Lai and many other atrocities behind their belt.

    Pot, meet kettle.


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  • We didn't even get in Europe until 1944. We were pushing the Japanese back in 1941/2. The majority of the fighting with them was naval and beach warfare. We already sent most of the Navy and Marines against them. History isn't really your strong suit is it...

    • US was in Italy in 1943, history doesn't seem to be your strong suit either

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    • Well you missed my whole point of we were dealing with the japanese before the Nazi's. I should have stated we didn't have a huge presence in Europe until 44 instead of just saying we were there. My point still stands.

    • THe united states provided millions of dollars in lend lease to the soviet union and england all thruout the war and even before 1941. the U. S airforce was bombing germany since late 1942, and invaded north africa in 1942

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  • If the Japanese always faced superior forces, but less bombs were used on the Pacific front like you said, then that would mean that the Americans were dominating that front as it was and didn't need to put all their eggs in one basket. If more bombs were used in Europe, obviously more feet needed to be there as well compared to Japan.

    Ignoring Europe would have been a careless mistake that would have costed Britain and the USSR's further involvement in the war.

  • No I think the planners got it right. You're forgetting the holocaust. Hitler himself was personally responsible for an estimated 50 million deaths which puts him in third place behind Mao and Stalin on the most ruthless list

    • what about the Asian holocaust? didn't you read or reaserch how Japan was far more brutal to the cooupied countries. and the American pow's google the rape of nanking. and the manila massacre.

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    • most American Pow's survived in German or Italian camps. Almost half of American Pow's died in the pacific war, and they all would have been massacred had the invasion of japan taken place.
      just google Japanese atrocities, and see they were far more evil than the soviets or the nazis. go to youtube, and search : the lost evidence; battle of guam or guadalcanal, and they will tell you why the unofficial policiy of u. s marines was not to take prisoners in the pacific

    • See this link, the germans never canibalized or cut out babies from pregnant mothers, or competed on beheading contests like the japs. see the link below


  • The generals thought that should they focus on jspan first, Europe would be lost. Once the germans defeated russia, all of Europe would have bee screwed.

    • But even then, Stalin was another tyrant. Truman said if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany and Vice versa.

    • True but nazi germany was the worse of the two.

    • that's what I'm saying, let them destroy each other, and focus on the real enemy. Maybe even given some minimum help to stalin.

  • Japan should nuke u. s. as revenge.

  • No, no one else was fighting Japan, Germany was already extremely weak and just needed a knockout blow, you don't want to be fighting on two fronts at the same time, something Germany made a big mistake on