My therapist is lying on me to my parents Advice?

Most of my teenage life I have been going to therapists for multiple mental problems and I still go now that I am an adult. The first therapist I had was awful he only talked about himself the whole time and tried to get me to buy his book. Not once did he ask me how was I doing or my input and he ended up somehow loosing his license and in jail and that is why I do not see him anymore. I ended up getting moved to another therapist named Kira I loved her she was so nice and she would help me come up with ways to improve myself and we were like best friends. Sadly she moved away without telling me and I had to move to another therapist. The therapist I moved to I do not like her at all I have tried to make things work between us but it just is not working. She judges me when I tell her things and make me feel like there is something I am doing wrong and I do not like that. Then she lies on me in her reports that she writes about me. One day she asked me out of nowhere if "weird things happen to me that I do not understand". I told her that sometimes my mind plays tricks on me where I see and hear things that I know are not there and I asked her if that happens to her. She told me that it is perfectly normal and that it happens to her all of the time where her mind will mistake something for something else. I turned around because there was someone walking past the window behind me. Next thing I know the therapist asked me "What was the plant saying to you?" I looked at her confused and told her that I was looking at someone that walked by. She told me that I was lying to her and that I was talking to the plant and not to be afraid because the plant was not going to hurt me. I kept trying to tell her that I was not talking to the plant and she would not listen to me so I just got upset and walked out. She wrote in her report about me that I admited to her that I was talking to the plant (lies) and now she is telling my parents that I have schitzeprenea I do not like her. Advice?


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  • I first have to ask, are you in the USA? The second is how old are you? I suffer from mental illness myself. I too sometimes hear voices so you're not alone


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