Can I get your guys opinion on a cover?

So I know I've done this before and I don't want to bother anybody by asking again, but this is a different cover. I'm also unsure about the video, I was trying to go for artistic but I don't know...
I left my camera on by accident a couple weeks ago while I was scrolling through a guy I likes Facebook page and that's the clip I used :P Anyway, let me know how it is x Rhye Open

by the way Negative comments welcome :P


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  • Usually cover videos show you singing, not you listening to you singing or whatever is going on lol

    You have a really nice voice! I'm totally peanut butter and jelly. I'm actually getting some gears in motion to do tutorial/cover videos on Youtube just for fun! Keep at it!

  • I saw the vid and I have no idea what is this about? U ask for the song?

    • Uh no, I was asking for an opinion on the singing :P

    • Well i hate this type of songs I only love classic rock but as of the girls sound she sounds good. It I don't like the music itself

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