If someone posted this song as their Facebook status what would you think?

I posted this song as my status, just the song not the lyrics. But here's the lyrics.

Every time I come to fuck with you

You make up all the rules

You ought to do it

Just because our car's moving

Are you in my fucking corner for real?

Oh, are you plotting to kill?

I tell you just how I feel

But you never hear

Oh, why you take it like that?

Now you wanna leave and never come back

I don't control you, I ain't never say that

Can't give up on you, baby, we go way back

Put you in a room

You ain't gotta leave

You ain't gotta leave

But you can't sleep with me

Every time I try to fuck with you

Nothing ain't ever enough for you

And I had all this hope for you

But all you do is open wounds

I could be fucking with them other niggas

I know you ain't them other niggas

I don't fuck with a lot of bitches

Just my real bitches

Why you keep talking about it, you keep talking and you gon' get me pissed off

Motherfuckers who be wanting that bitch to go crazy if she could cut her wrist off

I ain't gonna lie, no I ain't gonna lie like it was just his fault

But I know if a nigga lose me, then nigga, oohwee, that's his loss, young nigga


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  • I would think you're a racist due to the abuse of the "N-bomb"


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  • i would think that person needs to expand their vocabulary.