What is your internet speed? Is it limited or not?

What is your adsl speed? Is it limited or not? and how much does it cost?

My adsl speed in Egypt is 1 Mbps and it is limited to 300 GB download per month. and costs about 20 $ .

what about you?

Is there a " Fair Usage policy " or such a thing that limits your speed if you made too much downloads?


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  • Technically we can get 60 mbps but we're still using a G router instead of an N and then I'm on wifi so it gets halved again. My average is ~15 mbps. We have unlimited usage for $45 a month.


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  • 40/10mbit fibre but I get about 25/3.5 Mbit cause of my crappy copper line leading to my house. It's unlimited and unshaped and costs 23£ per month.


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