How do the police invite someone to the station?

Like say it's my case (rape ) they said they are going to invite him to the station and interview him under caution

how ow do they do it over the phone? What happens if he doesn't come in?


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  • One way is they'll tell the person they're trying to solve a rape case and his name has been mentioned in their investigation and it would help if he could come to the station so they could eliminate him as a suspect

    • It's only him... He is a drug dealer they have fastracked it so a specialist will come in to me... The police man said he is fairly confident he will nab him

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    • Is it a good thing they have fastracked it? And he is fairly confident

    • Don't know what that is

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  • Since you say 'under caution' I'm going to assume you're in the UK. The stereotypical approach is to ask him to 'help with their enquiries', or perhaps 'to remove yourself from our list of suspects'.

    I don't know what the procedure is if he refuses, I assume that they would go and get him and make it clear it's in his best interests to cooperate.

  • I've heard of cases they ask the person to come in & help try to ID a photo. Thinking it's not him they come in.


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