My ex girlfriend is not attracted to me at all anymore?

There was a lot of physical attraction while we were together. I would be telling her how cute and hot she looked and she would be telling me too. A month later, she tells me I look exactly like this guy (and he looks really bad, anybody can tell and she says it all the time, not once) and like a fool i have been boosting her ego all this while because I still like her. It hurts my self respect a lot.


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  • You can't please everyone. You. Just. Can't. We can't be hot and attractive to every single human so don't worry about the few who don't see your beauty. And secondly, if there were physical attraction at a time then likely she still finds you attractive, she just doesn't feel that connection anymore. Physical attraction is not enough to sustain a relationship.

    • lol i was talking to her after posting this question and she confessed to fapping on me yesterday

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  • That's why she is an ex

    • i know but she got no right to target my self respect

    • and she only keeps saying we should still be friends, flirts sometimes too and drags me on

  • Well, what did you except?

    • why wouldn't she at least back off and stop talking to me then

    • Well, yeah that should be expected though.. xD
      Ignore that hoe

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