Why are there no Spring Olympics, and/or Autumn/Fall Olympics?

Why no one has ever organized a Spring or Autumn Olympics? There are lots of sports not included in Summer and Winter Olympics...

Here are some of the examples (30):

1. Roller Hockey, 2. Dodgeball, 3. Wushu, 4. Artistic Roller Skating, 5. Pankration, 6. Futsal (Indoor Football/Soccer), 7. Savate, 8. Skateboarding, 9. Paintball, 10. Bowling, 11. Lacrosse, 12. Field Handball, 13. Inline Speed Skating, 14. Cricket, 15. Kickboxing, 16. Tug Of War, 17. Gliding, 18. Fistball, 19. Water Basketball, 20. Karate, 21. Korfball, 22. Rugby, 23. Croquet, 24. Cycle Ball, 25. Underwater Hockey, 26. Canoe Polo, 27. Hot Air Ballooning, 28. Water Skiing, 29. Motor Racing, 30. Sport Climbing etc.

Of course, there are many other sports, some of these examples have been discontinued from the Olympics in the past, why not restore them as Olympic sports in the Spring and Autumn Olympics?


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  • Because of vacations. Have you noticed that those events are held during vacation period?

    • Yes, but some people like to watch sports even when they are not on vacations...

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  • Because that would be expensive af.

    • It would be expensive for only one country, but what if 4 different countries would organise 4 different types of the Olympics every 4 years?

    • Still expensive dude. Not every country is ready to host the olympics at any given time. There's a reason why countries have a heads up decades ahead.

    • I know, but countries volunteer for hosting the Olympics, nobody is forcing them. No one expects some poor country to host any kind of large, worldwide events.

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  • Because it's too much for a year.

    • Sport is healthy for you, it's not too much...

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    • Yeah but who's going to watch it? All the major sports are already covered and I don't see huge viewership for the less well known sports. It's jsit can't make money so countries aren't interested in hosting.

    • Too bad, some people like these sports listed above :(

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  • I think they would just be seen as a joke like the winter Olympics are.

    Everyone knows the summer Olympics are the real Olympics and the winter Olympics are just a gimmick.

    I don't think there are enough sports specific to spring and autumn anyway.

    • I think there are more playable sports in the spring and autumn, rather than in winter.

  • For countries to have trials for who to send to the Olympics...