What's your favorite song by Dune?

Dune is a German electronic music band (Rave, Progressive Trance, Techno etc).

  • Are You Ready To Fly:
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  • Million Miles From Home:
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  • Electric Heaven:
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  • Dark Side Of The Moon:
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  • Keep The Secret:
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  • Rainbow To The Stars:
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  • Can't Stop Raving:
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I would definitely like to hear the opinion by some electronic music expert like Master @Klaatu51 :)


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  • Keep The Secret and Million Miles From Home (greatest rave anthem of all times) <3


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  • thanks for da mention bro... :)

    don't remember much of this band tbh... so listenin to these songs again... hmmm well difficult to choose so i'll vote video-wise... i'd vote "C"... since i like redheads...

    also this gal who sings has an awesome body... she's not a stick like many singers and she looks pretty strong... ;)


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  • Neither, I enjoy progressive-trance -> psytrance in general ^^

    • What about Vocal Trance? Or Ambient Trance?

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    • exactly like that :) and thanks for the artist... he seems to have some material i can listen to ^^

    • You're welcome :)