Why do people treat smaller people as weak?

I'm petit in both height and weight, but i consider myself strong. I feel like a lot of times, people assumed that just because I'm small, it means i have no strength, and a lot of times they seem surprised by the fact that i can be strong.


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  • Because stereotypes exist for a reason. They're not wrong to believe that. If I were to look at a toddler, I would not think that he would be as strong as I was, simply just from size.

    On the other hand, one of my roommates weights about 120 more lbs than I do, stands almost a full foot above me, and can knock me down with a light shove.

    Consider it a blessing. Assume everything thinks you're weak so you can prove them wrong.


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  • well considering you're a women you're weak. not going to lie but most men off the street could probably kick the shit out of Rhonda rousey

  • Smaller people have inferior brains.

    The taller a person the higher the IQ. Almost all US presidents have been 6ft or more.

    • Lol you must be joking, right? A persons height doesn't define a persons IQ. So if i grew taller, i would suddenly have a higher IQ? The reason why taller people have those types of jobs is because generally people see taller people as more intimidating and thus more serious

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    • well then I suppose you're the smallest person in the world since obviously you're very dumb and rude

    • Do you like buttsex?

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