A chance for redemption?

Names have been altered to keep confidentiality

Hey guys, the day before yesterday I posted on this blog how do you feel when you love someone and it seems that the person will never be with you. Today, I'll say something else. After I got into a row and heated argument with a girl by the name of In**** at university, I became remorseful and resentful and then sorrow took over me for months.

My friends and a psychologist advised me to forget her but my heart was not willing to listen. I kept hope that someday I would be with her but reality turns me down. Well, after 8 months I took up a new job and I encountered a agirl by the name of Na****. She reminded me of In**** but I never paid attention. My focus was solely towards In****. Gradually I realised that I love her. Three days ago, I sent a letter to In****'s best friend and she told me to close that chapter once and for all. Realising that I will never be with her made me cry a lot.

Ironically, yesterday it was In****'s birthday as well as for Na****. It was then I realised that their personalities match! I was thrilled from the inside. Ever since then, I began to admire Na****. Every time I would be looking at her, it would be looking at In****. Working with her is like working with In****, dating her will be like dating In**** and being with her will be like being with In****. I'm more motivated than ever to work.

Besides, I made some mistakes at university that some of my classmates remained distant from me. When I took up that new job, I met new colleagues having same personalities and I decided not to repeat the same mistakes.


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  • Ummm yeah. Try it out and see what happens cause it seems you are moving forward kinda. I support you on this one.

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