Girls, take this as a sign?

listen to me

you are beautiful , you are strong, and you are wonderful in more ways than you can imagine <3 you are somebody's dream... someone out there dreams of you and deep down he thinks you dont exist in real life because that's how perfect you are... he thinks you are too good to be true

stop trying to look like the girl in the magazine, the way i see it SHE is the one who needs tons of makeup and lots of photo manipulaiton
you are a real woman, your looks don't define you

women are built to be strong... maybe not physically but we are stronger than we even realize it...

you deserve nothing but the best.
wether it's love or hair products... you are worth it, don't let anyone put you down, know your own worth

you are strong and you are worth it <3


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  • Awwww... Thank you and you too! <3