I regret telling my teacher something very personal, what should I do tomorrow so it won't be so awkward?

I'm a 15 year old guy
for the past year I've suffered Depression and anxiety. Now it's mostley loneliness because I can't relate with anybody in my school, and at my age.
I almost have two personalities at home and at school. I'm not saying this to brag, if it was even a good thing, but I feel a lot more mature than my class mates.
I'm a "high performance" student, so a lot of teachers remember me well.

Anyways, my teacher, who is a 35 year old woman, approached me after class, and told me that a lot of teachers have noticed me smiling less.
And she wondered what was up, I didn't really want to talk, but was pressured to.
Tears started to run down my face, and I told here a little about my situation.

So you all know, she would be one of the last people I would talk about this with, but again, I felt I had to.

So what the f do I do now? Tomorrow I have a English lession with her :(. How should I make it less awkward?

She also told me that she wanted to talk with me each week to see how it was going.
I REALLY don't want this. What should I do?

Some of you, may have imagined me as a low life nerd with geeky glasses, but I'm not.


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  • She cares, and just wants to make sure you are going to be okay. I would just tell her that you feel uncomfortable talking about it and you would rather not. As long as you don't make it awkward it won't be. She probably won't do anything differently, and probably won't give any indication that she knows anything.

  • just say how you feel.

    • I feel like that would make it more awkward.

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