What do you think of Yes Means Yes laws?


Plenty of states are starting to bring these laws in at college level. What are your thoughts?

  • Great laws that are desperately needed.
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  • They will improve things.
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  • They make things worse and are unfair.
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  • I think it's good!


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  • I can't even describe in words how ridiculous I find these laws. They're so... American. For some reason, the US is pathologically obsessed with political correctness and these laws are a typical example of this. What I also don't get is that these "political-correctness-fascists" as I like to call them are mostly liberals. This doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever, since I consider myself at the very left end of the political spectrum and I would never in my wildest dream come on the idea of creating such laws.


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  • You shouldn't need to prove your innocence. They're supposed to prove you're guilty. That's the way the justice system is supposed to work. You can't just halt due-process towards a guy because some random lady pointed a finger at him.

  • From what I understand from the article, these laws push the burden of proof on the accused to prove consent was given, which isn't any different than what currently exists prior to these laws. We all know that there is no evidence for tacitly given consent unless you videotape the thing, so I don't think these laws do anything to improve the situation. I'd like to see laws that put the burden of proof on the accuser that consent wasn't given.

  • BS law that makes women children who can't be held accountable for their actions.

    • It just seems to move the problem, not solve it.

  • So much for the sexual revolution. Revolutions, like the god Chronos, tend to devour their own children.