How to say I don't want to hangout?

So I met this met and we have been speaking for a month or so and she said she just wants to be just friends and she loves someone, but asks me to hangout out now and then but I don't know what to say to her because I don't hang out with her. . .


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  • Be honest and tell her why.

    Dodging the bullet and avoiding this issue , makes things worse in my opinion.
    Why? Because it will be a reoccurring one until you give her an honest answer that makes sense.

    She may be hurt.
    But there's no avoiding this.
    You have to get this off of your chest.


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  • So you met this met and you don't want to hang out with met but met wants to hang out with you? I think you should just ignore this met or tell met you don't want to hang out with met.

    • my bad i meant Her lol. so just straight up tell her?

    • I know lol i just felt like messing around. But yeah if i was in your shoes i would just tell her. Nothing is worse then having someone on the hook. Cut that line man.

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  • Tell her you're busy with something.


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