Should I drop out of college to work?

I barely just started my first year of college. Its been 3 weeks. I like it, but im not very interested in it too much. Lately i noticed i have already been slacking and skipping classes... thats one reason why i wanted to just drop out cuz whats the point? I also didn't pay the school gave me financial aid so basically nothing came of out my pocket for school. I just bought my own place today and if i keep going to school i won't have enough money because ill barely be able to work. My major was dental hygenist but im jist not interested in working towards rhat anymore. So, should i work and make sure i can afford this studio, or stay in school and skip classes?

I also won't have the money to move on to the new semesters or year.


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  • Finish the semester before you make any hasty decisions. You haven't really given your program a fair shot yet - you could still end up loving it.

    If at the end of the semester, you still hate it, by all means drop out.


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  • stay in college!

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