Why the hell would my mom tell the guy I love that he is like my dad? "I hated her since that day"?

Just because he's 30 years old and i'm 19 it doesn't mean he's like my dad. I love him so much and I really feel that he is part of me and really awesome, he asked to meet my parents so I take my mom and she was happy before we go for a lunch together. Then she just say it to him and said that he should be ashamed for dating someone my age! My father said he is an ok guy and age shouldn't matter but my mom is about to kill me for choosing him over her and I don't know what is wrong with her but i don't talk with her like before. He already told me that there's a lot of people will try to stop this love and my mom is the first one, what's wrong with her?

I just don't know or understand anything guys :(


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  • she's not a very god person then.

    • I just don't understand her

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