FB: This person isn't receiving messages from you at the moment?

"This person isn't receiving messages from you at the moment."

I got this from my Facebook inbox today when I try to text one friend after I pressed enter. He didn't block me. Anyone know what's going on exactly?



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  • A common problem encountered by many people, including me. We met with the girl in a cafĂ© the other day, she tried to send me a link to some video or whatever (wasn't paying too much attention), when this happened. We didn't block each other, and we were talking right there, so it wasn't like an attempt to block an annoying "friend" out of my online life...

    Might get solved by unfriending and becoming friends again, but we just switched to WhatsApp and continued as if nothing happened... Maybe a way how the life encourages you to try new things :D


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  • They've either deleted or deactivated their facebook account.

    • But I can see his homepage...

    • I don't know then, I'm just going by what google said lol

    • Lol so Google doesn't know everything