Girls, How do you feel about a male feminist?

I am a straight 24 year old male. i am a feminist. Feminism is the equal rights for all, however, I focus mainly on the rights for girls. Girls are Gods greatest creation for this Earth, and they deserve to be treated as such. Men make girls the inferior gender, when actually, girls should not only receive equal rights, but given more power over our world to make it a better place for all mankind. How do girls feel about my opinion?


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  • Huzzah! I know one and feel no differently. Feminism is for everyone. This is coming for a woman who believes that there should be equal rights for BOTH genders. There are a lot of things that don't/happen to men which should/not.

    A lot of people erroneously believe that ALL Feminists are for women's rights only... and that's all. Not true. The definition is someone who is for women's rights... but you can be for men's rights as well.


    • Exactly, feminism is for both genders fighting for the equality of both genders. However, as a guy myself, i see girls being mistreated, disrespected, ignored, pushed around, taken advantage of, belittled and much more by men all the time. I want more for girls, and i want guys to back off. Guys need to feel the power, intelligence, and importance of girls in this world and give them the respect that they deserve. I asked this question specifically to girls because I knew men would be assholes and bash on me.

    • I agree that those women should be empowered and those guys should learn how to respect others. But there are many men who are not allowed to see their children when they should, have charges brought against them due to spiteful women, who are abused and yet their cries for help can't be heard because they feel like they will be belittled in society, men who need abuse shelters and help but there does not exist one in the United States... all of this needs to change for men.

    • Yes, women need to be empowered and given the respect they deserve. Putting the right women in power over our country would not only change America, they would change the world, for the better. Men just need to put their egos and false empowerment aside. And yes, there are women who are evil and abuse men, and there are men who are mistreated. But I just see mistreatment, inequality, and disrespect far much more being done to girls by men, and it needs to stop now. I feel kinda weird being a guy with these views, but girls deserve power and respect, not only in everyday life, but over the world. Girls could do so much for us...

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  • Well thats really c00l d00d. I feel cool rn because you said that. But anyone who believes in equality is awesome regardless of what they label themselves

    • Equality period is awesome. But men need to back off and treat girls more respectfully and equally before that happens.

  • We need more men like you in this world. 😊

  • I like them!

    • Well thank you. You girls deserve better respect and equal treatment from men.

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