Why do people write mytakes and block anyone who doesn't agree with them? I merely state that I don't understand why someone needs a label?

And according to her definition of demisexual I think I am also one I need to love someone to feel aroused during sex but how does it requre explaination or blocking of someone who's trying to comment. Why post a Mytake then? People take their shit too serious.

Go ahead and disagree with me, I'm strong enough to take it, listen and understand you. Thank you.


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  • It's all about their own personal confidence issues. If you challenge them and they can't defend their point, then it wasn't a very good MyTake to begin with.

    Most of the MyTakes on this site are trash and unhelpful. But humans love labels and fitting into groups. Strange creatures these humans are.

    • I like reading the MyTakes. I think it's pretty courageous for someone to share their view point even if I don't understand or agree with it. However, when people post on the internet including posting MyTakes they need to understand that their opinion is now up for debate and people may ask them about what brought them to XYZ conclusion. Unless someone is being vulgar or attacking the author personally I'm not sure why an opinion should be blocked. It should be expected that opinions may differ and dialogue with non likeminded people helps you grow and understand the world. I just don't see why dialogue is so bad that it must be blocked. But to each their own.

    • Welcome to the world of forums. YMMV.

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