What do I do should I block her on Facebook or ignore her?

Ok so I admit I messaged this guy I use to talk to ex girlfriend but she did not know it was me. I just asked her if a girl messaged her about her ex and she responded yes, And then When I did not respond she asked who I was the next day so I responded and I did not tell get who I was. Then I messaged her once more sending her a screenshot and then and then she ask me a question
but i ignored her. The next thing I know 3 hours later I get 2 messages and she tells me I'm lame and she sends me a screenshot of her on the phone with her ex. She says she is trying to work things out with him and get back together with him. I I ignored the message

But when I messaged her from a different account Over 2 months ago she told me that she has a boyfriend and she even has a baby by her current boyfriend. so now she is telling me she is trying to get back with her ex who I don't even talk to at all anymore, in fact I blocked his number.

She messaged me and told me that she is blocking me and she called me a psychopath


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  • Probably both.

    • She already blocked me just now she messaged me and before I could respond she blocked me. I was ignoring the messages so I had no idea that and would message me again.

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    • He's a coward I told him he's an idiot if he really thinks I'm going to argue with a girl over a guy

    • She messages me cussing at me

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