How would you feel and react if you caught your parents having sex?

Personally, I'd feel disgusted, horrible.


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  • I would walk out pretending I didn't see anything.

    And bury that memory away.


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  • I would be happy for them. Perhaps it would feel a little awkward for a moment but that would go away soon. I certainly wouldn't find it disgusting and I find it rather immature to find it disgusting to be honest. There were times not so long ago when it was considered very normal to sleep in the same room with your whole family and if something "happened"... oh well, you just turned your head and continued sleeping.
    Our modern society just teaches us that parents having sex is disgusting and sadly, most people are completely uncritical and simply go with this notion without ever questioning it. I've personally never heard any decent, rational explanation why it is apparently disgusting. People just keep saying bullshit arguments like "it's disgusting because... it's disgusting" or ad hominem responses like "it's disgusting because... you're a pervert idiot". The reason for these ridiculous attempts to justify the disgust is very simple: there is no good reason for it. People just want to feel disgusted because that is what society teaches us. In fact however, it's not like anyone would force you to suck your dad's dick. Your parents just do what you might do with your boyfriend (which is also not disgusting). It's just two people having sex. No biggie.

  • Happy with that. The same goes with my grandparents.


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