Girls, what does it mean if my girlfriend makes me only walk behind her?

When i asked my girlfriend 8 months ago if she would date me, she told me only if I listened to her. I pretty much alrdy loved her so yeah. But right off, she told me I could only walk behind her anytime we went out. And the normal stuff like I can never argue to her, i always apologize first, i need her permission, i can't talk to other girls, blah blah. But being told to always walk behind her is odd, what does that even mean? Don't comment please if ur just gonna say she's controlling or I should leave her.


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  • You said you didn't want us to comment stuff like "you should leave her" but... boy, you really should. That is not love, that is not mutual respect or appreciation. Right now, it looks like you are just her puppy and that she will always have you there, following her, whenever she needs. That's why she loves it. Get out of that situation and respect yourself.

    • I could never leave her, ever, impossible. And she's not like that, it's just to keep our relationship healthy and functional. I completely agree with her, thats why i agree to do it her way. But anyway, I can't figure out why I am required to only walk behind her and not allowed to walk ahead of her, like what exactly is the point of that? I do it anyway, but don't understand why she tells me to.

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    • It really does change things, a lot.
      To me, love is based on mutual respect and appreciation, as I said previously. And that means treating your loved one as your best friend. You are supposed to be two individuals, walking in the same direction, with the same pace, the pace of love and friendship. That's my opinion. And the action of you having to walk behind her, that, to me, is a symbolic act. And you should try to find the deep meaning on that.
      If you are okay being her "puppy", well, that is something twisted, but as long as you are happy, go for it. But I see you asking this question, and that makes me feel that you are not as okay as you say you are with it. ;) Good luck.

    • I really appreciate your advice, the answer to my question seems to be far more complicated than I thought it deserved. I expected like, "it means she wants to walk faster", I don't know. But I am fine with it considering I want to respect her, and that it effects me no differently walking to places whether im infront, beside, or following, but the fact that I can not find the reason why I am required to walk behind her kinda makes me feel strange when I am asked why I follow behind her and I have no explanation. Before you stop responding, what do you mean by "twisted"? And by continuing to be her "puppy", do you feel it would ruin the relationship and I would lose her? Or would refusing to continue being her "puppy" make me lose her? God, so complicated.