Girls, How would you feel about a guy who was completely submissive to you?

He treats you like a queen, listens to what you say, does what you want, never denies you your desires, puts all your wants and needs ahead of his own, always the one apologizing, always agrees with you, never says you're wrong, never says no to you, never talks back, never ignores you, He just does ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make you happy. Am I good boyfriend?


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  • I would not be comfortable with that because I want my boyfriend to have his own personality. I can't respect a guy with no backbone.

    • What? Are you saying that I don't have a backbone? Yes I do, our relationship is just different than most.

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    • Thank you very much😊 and you are a very sweet girl😊

    • Thank you and thanks so much for MHO :) and I would want a boyfriend that treats me right, just the whole submissive thing is not something I'm into. That is why I reacted that way in my opinion so I am glad it didn't upset you.

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  • honestly? i wouldn't like it lol. i need a man who can challenge me. I'm SO easily bored by men who just... do everything i say all the time and r just treating me like I'm his master or some crap.

    i mean it's GREAT to get spoiled, please dont get me wrong but if I'm not getting academically, mentally and physically ( :P ) stimulated by him then I'm seriously gonna get turned off eventually.

    • I understand. It's what she wants tho, and she wouldn't want it any other way. She loves the way our relationship is functioning, and I love it too. Its a win win 😜 oh, and as far as physical stimulation, we couldn't get more of it, lol, anyway and everyway possible, lol.

    • well if that's what floats ur boat =]

  • You can't lose yourself in relationships like that. It's not healthy for you and you're asking your girlfriend to take on a lot of responsibility. It's healthy to have boundaries. It's good for you to have your own ideas and opinions. Your girlfriend should be with you for you. Not for a personal butler or toy.

    It's okay to want to show someone you care about them by doing things for them, but you also need to take care of yourself.

    • Well I'm not like her butler and definitely not her toy. This is what she wants, she has told me. Going against what she wants is a big no no for her, and I respect giving her all the wants and needs that she deserves. Maybe that wouldn't be healthy for others, but it is healthy for me and her. I do understand where u come from though. But she comes first, and I never do anything to upset her. My only complaint tho, she requires me to only walk behind her at all times, she doesn't let me walk ahead.

    • If you don't like that then you need to talk to her about it and tell her how it makes you feel.

  • nope i don't want a submissive guy at all... i prefer a guy that is equal to me

    • I am not unequal, i just treat her the best I can.

  • Woah, I would feel overwhelmed.
    Yeah, you sound good.

    On the agreeing part... be careful. She might choose a wrong thing and you agreeing with her will only encourage her to do the wrong thing.

    • Well thank you 😊 girls deserve that kind of treatment from their boyfriends/husbands. And what exactly do you mean by wrong thing?

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    • I completely get what you are saying. I have never really had to go against her choices to persuade her to choose a safer or required choice, she is very wise and smart. Without her telling me what to do, I would probably choose to put rat poison in my cereal instead of sugar. But i do get what you mean, and I most likely would be able to actually bring myself to disagree with her and be against what she wants if that was absolutely needed. You know I can only walk behind her anywhere we go, and i do it, thats how much I care about her. And I'm a feminist, so I enjoy treating her with my complete respect and doing anything for her. Maybe I don't sound "manly" to most, but girls are special and important to me.

    • Oh, then you're all good.

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