Is this bad that I feel this way and and what should I do about my best guy friend because I still want to be friends with him?

the first time I was ever depressed was a year ago my aunt died then a month later my great grandpa died then in June which my birthday is in June two weeks after my birthday my niece died before she was even born and my best guy friend made me undepressed then the same best guy friend blocked me because we had a fight over that I love him and he loves me but he has a girlfriend but I cried for two hours straight then when I found out that he blocked me I was really depressed like I've never been that depressed before and I know I was that depressed because I've been used before not sexual they wanted to use me sexualy but I told them no so I have trust issues and he was the first guy after I was used that I trusted completely and that made me happy and forget what happened last year and I felt safe and keep in mind that me and him live in different states so the only way we can talk is on facebook so he unblocked me I still love him and he still loves me. And keep in mind he has a girlfriend but me and him internet cuddle but yesterday me and him got in another fight but everything was fine and he said sorry and we were still talking that night and me and him started internet cuddling and he internet kissed me and the thing is that the girl his is dating is an ex but me and him were thinking about dating but then she say she wanted him back and so they started dating instead like he could of had me but I was a little upset but me and him because best friends so we internet cuddle and internet hug but I used to kiss his cheek and kiss forehead but he told me to stop kissing him about a three months ago but about a week ago he told me I could internet kiss his cheeks and his forehead and then three days ago he kissed my jaw and then yesterday he kissed my lips and I asked if he still dating his girlfriend that was his ex and he said he was still dating her and I've been asking him questions and he's been saying sexual things to me like how much he wants me and I'm still a virgin so.


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  • He's using you. Wake up. You're only a second option to him.

    • He's not using me if he is using me I will fly to where he lives and I will kick him in the dick maybe stab him with a pencil

    • Think about it. He's cheating on his girlfriend with you, but he won't leave her. Leaving you as his plan b. A second choice. Don't deny the truth, it will only hurt you more at the end

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